Senior Public Policy Manager, Tokyo


As a senior Twitter public policy staffer in Japan, this will be your opportunity to actively assist in the development and advocacy of public policy solutions to pressing high technology issues that arise in the national legislature, as well as in government agencies and executive branch ministries across the government.


Who We Are

We act as Twitter’s ambassadors to government policymakers, regulators, and civil society groups on public policy issues. In addition, we also showcase the use of Twitter for civic purposes through our @TwitterGov initiatives and act as the @TwitterForGood team, providing guidance, resources, and support for Twitter’s corporate philanthropy mission.


What You’ll Do

Monitor issues of importance to Twitter in the national legislature, as well as in government agencies and executive branch ministries across the government. Provide front-line support on issues requiring engagement, solving problems, and escalating to internal colleagues as needed. Assist in the preparation of presentation materials for engagement with policymakers, regulators, and lawmakers. Meet with key government, political, and media representatives to help them understand Twitter and advance policy beneficial to Twitter and our users. Represent Twitter at high tech industry gatherings and coalition meetings, speak publicly on policy panels at events and conventions. Conduct research into tech policy issues, working with other Twitter team members to fashion policy solutions that meet the legitimate needs of policymakers while advancing the interests of Twitter users.

国会議員・政府機関・行政府省庁における、Twitterに関する重要な問題をモニタリングします。 また、これらに関して、最前線でのサポートの立場から主体的に問題の解決に取り組み、必要に応じてTwitter社内でのエスカレーションを行います。 さらに、政策立案者・規制当局・議員との会合に向けてプレゼンテーション資料の作成をサポートし、 主要な政府機関・政治家・メディア関係者との会合を設定し、Twitterを理解してもらうとともに、Twitterとユーザーにとって有益な政策を推進してもらうよう尽力します。 これらに加えて、ハイテク業界の会合や協議会等でTwitterの代表として、各種イベントや会議において、政策専門家たちへ公式な見解を述べる役割も果たすとともに、Twitterユーザーの利益を促進しながら、政策立案者の合法的なニーズを満たす政策的な解決策を構築するため、他のツイッターチームメンバーと協力して、技術関連政策に関する問題の調査を行います。 

Who You Are

We are looking for a Public Policy manager who has:

  • University degree; advanced degree preferred

  • English & Japanese language fluency, spoken and written

  • Significant experience in government, politics, or public policy with deep familiarity across all three disciplines

  • An understanding of laws and regulation important to Twitter and its users

  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills

  • Reasonable fluency in social media and high technology

  • A passion about the power of communications to change the world for the better

  • A sense of humor


  • 4年制大学卒
  • 日本語と英語で流暢かつ慣用的に会話及び筆記ができる方
  • 政府、政治、公共政策の3つの分野すべてにおける精通した知見及び経験
  • Twitterとユーザーにとって重要な法律と規制への理解
  • コミュニケーション能力と人間関係構築スキルに長けている方
  • ソーシャルメディアとハイテク技術に対する知見 
  • 世界をよりよいものに変えるコミュニケーションの可能性に情熱を注げる方 

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse Twitter. Twitter is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any legally protected status.”

私たちは開放的で多様なチームTwitterとして取り組んでいます。 Twitterは機会均等の雇用を提供する会社です。 私たちは人種、色、民族性、祖先、国籍、宗教、性別、性的指向、年齢、障害、退役軍人、遺伝情報、婚姻状況、または法的保護状況に基づいて差別することはありません。

Hiring Process

Step 1

After you apply, a recruiter may reach out to you for an introductory call.

Step 2

If your background is a match for the role, you may phone interview with 1-2 people.

Step 3

If you continue through the process, you will come onsite 1-2 times to interview with a total of 5-10 people.


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