Engineering Manager, Machine Learning - Human In the Loop

The Position

We need someone who can lead diverse, smart, and driven researchers and engineers while balancing personnel challenges with business requirements. We're looking for a leader who can communicate fearlessly and take an active role in shaping the future of Twitter engineering while embodying our core values. You will work with our machine learning engineers and researchers to improve and enhance existing ML systems as well as discover new opportunities to apply ML to solve critical problems. Your responsibilities will include:


  • Mentoring: Mentor the professional development of each direct report through personal and performance management. Establish regular 1:1s with direct reports. Craft individual improvement/goal plans with each direct report and ensure that they receive regular, documented feedback.

  • Planning / Alignment: Plan and collaborate with other teams Twitter in delivering impactful changes, whilst working together with other Cortex teams for the long term. 

  • Provide oversight: Work with engineers and researchers to understand how everything fits together and how best to deliver meaningful impact. Understands when ML is applicable and when it is not, and what are the risks.

  • Execution: Make decisions which balance between immediate impact and long-term bets, as well as managing resourcing and prioritisation.

  • Relationship management: Help with managing relationship between other teams in Cortex which you’ll partner with to deliver impact.

  • Cross functional management: Work closely with other teams from across the company to deliver impactful projects which may involve multiple disciplines. Also work with other managers in the office to build upon the office culture and ensure a healthy workplace environment.

  • Recruitment: Help hire new talent - help with sourcing and selling to candidates as well as vetting them for the team. Provide innovative solutions for both attracting and retaining top talent.


Who You Are


  • You are a leader and strong people manager looking to serve the team and achieve team goals.

  • You are a strong source of engineering talent and are comfortable closing applicants for your team and the business.

  • You are a coach who hires, develops and retains good ML Talent.  

  • You have technical competency and understand the “big picture”, differences in technical disciplines (particularly on ML side), and which problems are for ML to solve and which are not

  • You have proven execution track record that is customer-centric in prioritisation - looking to deliver projects that serve the company’s needs and understand the impact

  • You are a good communicator with clear and concise, active listening and empathy skills.

  • You collaborate well with teams with different backgrounds / expertise / functions.

  • You bring a strong perspective that motivates engineers to develop simple, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

  • You have the technical capacity to partner with tech leads and are comfortable diving into the fray to help drive resolution


  • Previously managed a team of 5+ engineers with responsibility for machine learning based products and delivering to production.

  • Computer science or engineering background strongly preferred; MS or PhD in machine learning or equivalent work experience a plus.

  • Understand cost of software development / tech debt and long-term maintenance

  • Experience driving impact through cross-functional leadership.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Strong analytical abilities

  • You have a get stuff done attitude, have great positive energy, and thrive in a fast paced environment.

  • You are passionate about technology and can keep up with the latest. 

  • Exposure to large scale systems and microservices team environment is a plus

Company Description

The team is made up of talented people from all over the world, and from many different backgrounds. We work together to apply research, and build products that reach every person on the planet. We look to apply best practices and build new machine learning capabilities which refine and transform Twitter’s products.



Machine Learning, Software Engineering





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