Distinguished Engineer

The Position

Distinguished Engineer

Job Description 

The Consumer Engineering organization’s mission is to develop experiences that serve the public conversation and delight our hundreds of millions of customers around the world. We’re responsible for timelines, recommendations, and search systems that allow customers to discover and connect with the most relevant content. Tweet authoring, direct messages, Fleets, Spaces, and many other new experiences for content creators live within the Consumer organization. We also build Health systems that allow for all of the above to be delivered with safety and trust. Consumer is a rapidly growing organization with both existing and brand new products to support, unsolved technical challenges, and hundreds of millions of tweets and engagements each day.

 What You’ll Do

You are a strategist who will drive our technical strategy on mobile, machine learning, cloud adoption, security, quality, and more. You will partner consumer engineering leadership, product management, and your technical leads to build a high-value roadmap of innovation for your organization. You will lead by example to build your team culture in keeping with Twitter’s culture. You will partner with Directors and Engineering Managers in multiple organizations across Twitter and guide engineers with your technical expertise by contributing to design reviews and ideation. You will help mentor, coach and grow people.

You will work with our Principal and Sr. Staff engineers to innovate and build new systems, improve and enhance existing systems as well as identify new opportunities to apply your knowledge to solve critical problems. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Strategy and Execution of a technical roadmap that will increase the velocity of delivering products at Twitter and unlock new engineering capabilities

  • Advising: Represent the Consumer organization and act as technical advisor to product and engineering executives across Twitter

  • Mentoring: Mentor the professional development of the team, in conjunction with the Engineering Manager.

  • Planning / Alignment: Plan and collaborate with other teams Twitter in delivering impactful changes, whilst cross collaborating/working together with other teams for the long term. 

  • Provide oversight: Lead strategy with engineers and researchers to understand how everything fits together and how best to deliver meaningful impact. Understands what changes are applicable, when it is not, and what are the risks.

  • Execution: Make decisions which balance between immediate impact and long-term bets, as well as managing resourcing and prioritization.

  • Relationship management: You will forge close relationships with the Principal and Sr. Staff engineering community as well as with engineering and product management leaders in multiple organizations at Twitter and you will partner with them to deliver impact.

  • Cross functional partnership: Work closely with other teams from across the company to deliver impactful projects which may involve multiple disciplines. 


Who You Are

  • You have a deep expertise in building extremely high scale, resilient distributed systems, and are up to date with recent developments across the wider engineering community.

  • You have worked on both product & infra, and understand their intersection

  • You are a strategist and a lead looking to serve the team and achieve team goals.

  • You have a track record of solving problems & building foundational systems at large scale.

  • You are adept at identifying simple solutions to complex problems and relaying your findings to a variety of audiences.

  • You have technical depth in machine learning and see the “big picture”. You understand the differences in technical disciplines  and which problems need to be solved and which are not.

  • You are an innovator with a proven track record conceiving of significant innovations that result in substantial positive impact to customers. 

  • You have a proven execution track record that is customer-centric in prioritization - looking to deliver projects that serve the company’s needs and understand the impact.

  • You are an effective communicator with clear and concise, active listening and empathy skills. 

  • You collaborate well with teams with different backgrounds / expertise / functions.

  • You bring a strong perspective that motivates engineers to develop simple, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

  • You have the technical experience to win respect from Senior and Staff Engineers and are comfortable diving into the fray to help drive resolution


  • 10+ years of experience as a hands on expert-level practitioner of backend systems, privacy, and security. 

  • Track record of innovation and having taken large scale products and features from conception to successfully delivering value to customers in production. 

  • Understand cost of software development / tech debt and long-term maintenance.

  • Experience driving impact through cross-functional leadership.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Strong analytical abilities.

  • You have a ‘get stuff done’ attitude, have great positive energy, and thrive in a fast paced environment.

  • You are ethical and passionate about technology and can keep up with the latest developments.

  • You are a skilled technical influencer and have a track record of successfully influencing product direction. You have a respectful, collaborative approach that earns the trust of your peers and stakeholders. 

  • You invest in the learning and growth of the people you lead. 

  • You communicate effectively.  

Company Description

Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, see every side of the story. Join the open conversation, and collaborate with creative and curious people across the globe.  “The whole world is watching Twitter. You don't go a day without hearing about Twitter, how it’s used as the fastest way to send a message to the world in an instant, how it carries some of the most important commentary and conversations, how it mobilizes people into action. That's powerful, it's valuable, it's fundamental.” - Jack Dorsey, CEO



Software Engineering


Atlanta, Toronto, Boston, New York City, Seattle



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