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Tweeting by the beach

Located in Santa Monica, @TwitterLA is two blocks from the beach and just a hop and skip away from the bright lights of Hollywood. We have the opportunity to work with a variety of partners: studios, celebrities, top household brands, and the auto industry. We're at the forefront of digital and social innovation — always creating and growing within the industry.

Perks of working in Los Angeles

No need to stay inside when you take a break from work — in LA, we hang out on the beach! A short walk gets you right on Santa Monica beach. Just don't forget the sunscreen.

Namaste. Personal records on your WoD. Long runs. No matter how you want to stay active, fitness is an important part of the LA office and we'll be there to spot you all the way.

Where else can you go to a workout class with Josh Duhamel, run into Arnold Schwarzenegger biking by the office, or eat dinner next to President Fitzgerald from "Scandal"?! Los Angeles, y'all. 


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