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Where creative innovation happens

Being one of the most “chatty” countries in the world, Indonesia holds a great deal of possibilities for creativity in music, sports, government, news, TV, and more. With a group of energetic people who love to collaborate, we challenge ourselves to find unique ways to reach every Indonesian from all across the archipelago — connecting them to many opportunities through the Twitter platform. 

Perks of working in Jakarta

We’re an energetic group of people who love to discuss, collaborate, and innovate. We make things happen in the most fun way possible.

Located in the heart of the business and entertainment district in Jakarta, you can easily find various things to do to keep yourself busy and entertained. Movies, music, shopping, gym, and food — all in one area.

You’ll be surprised how everyone at our office has the talent to be a standup comedian! There's never a dull day at @TwitterID.

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