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Tweeting near the Elbe

We’re excited to be located in Altona, an area well known for its diversity and being a really creative part of the city, located near many agencies. Our office is surrounded by tons of lovely cafes, restaurants, bars, and shopping areas, as well as right beside the train station, making your commute to the office very easy. We have a cross-functional team focused on brand strategy, research, communications, and B2B marketing, and we’re always looking for incredible people to join our flock.

Perks of working in Hamburg

Twitter aims to be part of people's daily life and our office emobdies that. We're located near shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, and cinemas.

We're right next to one of Hamburg's biggest railway stations. It connects to all places across Germany and beyond with one of the fastest and most modern trains in the world — the ICE.

Twitter is mobile, so naturally some core functions in our work space are too. When entering the office, you can activate the only Twitter Cuckoo Clock in the world by Tweeting #TwitterHamburg. It gets your coffee and a football kicker Tweets the result through Twitter.


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