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@TwitterDE: Berlin

Come and work at Twitter's most beautiful* office! What could be more fitting than a platform — whose mission is to enable the open exchange of information and break down walls and barriers to communication — having its office right on the Berlin wall. The back wall of our space was the back wall of the Berlin wall. This space is a constant reminder to us and to all employees around the world of the meaningfulness of our platform and our work as a company. 

(*according to Berlin office employees and a few others — survey was totally random)

Perks of working in Berlin

A beautiful terrace with table tennis, BBQ, and plenty of afternoon sunlight is the optimal place to both work, relax, and socialize.

Located in the heart of Berlin — one of Europe's most exciting capitals with a vibrant tech and art scene — it’s easy to get to our office from all areas.

Your future colleagues are great! We've got a small but smart, funny (yes, some Germans are!) and passionate team dedicated to helping Twitter grow in Germany.

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