#UntilWeAllBelong Toolkit

Group of diverse individuals illustrated together

Start your learning journey

At Twitter, we’re on a journey to become the world’s most inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible (IDEA) tech company. On this journey, we have been intentional about equipping  all Tweeps with the tools and resources to drive inclusion at the individual level. The #UntilWeAllBelong Toolkit and the coursework it contains were designed to empower Tweeps to dig in and do the work of learning — and unlearning. 

But the themes we tackle in the toolkit feel especially timely and relevant outside the walls of Twitter.  And because this journey takes all of us, we’ve made the decision to make our trainings available to anyone, anywhere looking to start their learning journey, or looking to help others start theirs.  

So here it is. We're pleased to share our #UntilWeAllBelong Toolkit and encourage you to pass it along, too. In no way comprehensive, the toolkit is a continuous work-in-progress that will grow and develop, just as we do. 

Take a look. Take a course. Give us feedback. We’re always here to listen — and learn. Find us on Twitter at @TwitterTogether